Gluttony: Christians and Overeating

The Socially Acceptable Sin Sweeping Churches Everywhere

Gluttony:  Christians and Overeating | June's Journal

[color-box]Editor’s Note:  Ouch.  This post was a convicting reminder.  It’s easy to snack all the time and eat when we’re not hungry, not realizing this excess is often border-line gluttony, a sin shunned in the Bible.  Sadly, this specific sin often lends to our temples being overweight and unhealthy, increasing our chances of early demise.  So it’s a sin that’s a good idea to purge from our lives.  Lord, give us strength! [/color-box]

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost Christians today like to say that all sins are “equal” in the eyes of God, that there is no scale of less or worse sins, that a white lie or a homicide alike would have been enough to require Christ to die on the cross. We say this in theory, but in practice, we know that a white lie won’t get you kicked off the church leadership team. And a homicide likely will.

In practice, there are some sins that are socially acceptable, even in the Church. There’s one sin in particular that has pervaded our society and churches so silently we hardly give it a second thought, and that is the constant hunt for more over what is enough. Or, in an uglier terminology, what is known as gluttony.

When I think about gluttony, I think about my desire to shove a dozen donuts into my mouth and wash them down with chocolate milk. Or perhaps it’s my tendency to mindlessly feed chips to a stomach that’s no longer hungry. Many of us can look at the sin of gluttony and think, “That’s not really my struggle.” Or, we think, “What’s the big deal?” After all, most congregations have compulsive over-eaters among them, and they’re not considered “less spiritual” or “backslidden” for it.

But gluttony has never been merely an addiction to food. And if we look at it in its original definition and context, gluttony becomes far closer to home than we’d like to admit.

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