Cell Phone Integrity During Worship (Humor)

Cell Phone Integrity During Worship (Humor) | June's Journal

Recently I created a playlist of Christian comedians on YouTube.  Below is a sample clip from one of the many awesome comedians out there!  The bible says laughter is medicine to the bones.  It’s true.  There is scientific statistics showing how people have healed from major illnesses or even disease by watching nothing but comedy all day long (e.g., The Three Stooges, etc).  But as Christians, we have to tailor what we view: garbage in, garbage out.  Or as Paul phrased it, ”

So it was refreshing to find these comedians and laugh out loud to some good, clean humor.  While you may not think all of these comedians are funny, hopefully you’ll find one that makes you chuckle and lifts your spirits.  Even the kings in Bible days had “jesters,” persons who specialized in making folk laugh.  Enjoy!