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I saw a girl over my lunch break the other day that was wearing a teeny-tiny little dress.  It was a strapless dress...

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Singles should employ wisdom and standards when interacting with married saints at church...

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This one is for all you single lady saints out there. You will love this sista: her poetic style and more importantly, what she's saying. Her name is Janette, an official poet of P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement).

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This blog post is a response to an article recently posted by a single person who wrote, "I’m single. I’m saved (as in born-again Christian). And I have sex. Unapologetically."

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This blog post was written about five or so years before I met my husband! Many single women have contacted me over the years saying this post really encouraged and inspired them. If you are single and in that season of life right now, I pray you are encouraged also!

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