Natural Hair Tutorials on YouTube | June's Journal image 2

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Lots of women of color are doing it all over the world; that is, going completely natural. Contrary to popular myth, all hair types can go all-naturale!
PMS & the Virtuous Woman | June's Journal image 2

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How do we as Christian women deal with PMS, especially if it puts us in a less-than-holy funk?
How Birth Control Pills Work as Abortifacients | June's Journal image 1

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Here's what you probably never knew about birth control pills. It's not just estrogen in them.
Waiting on God for a Mate | June's Journal image 2

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This blog post was written about five or so years before I met my husband! Many single women have contacted me over the years saying this post really encouraged and inspired them. If you are single and in that season of life right now, I pray you are encouraged also!

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