Join Joshua's Journey to Wellness | June's Journal

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Doctors said Joshua wouldn't walk or talk. But his family & church prayed & God moved. Learn how you can help!
Da' T.R.U.T.H. Writes "Cherished" for his Bride | June's Journal image 1

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Watch this moving video to hear what inspired Manny to write the song, Cherished.
Missie's Story: A Beautiful Marriage Restoration | June's Journal image 5

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Missie Branch appears on a TV talkshow to discuss how God restored her marriage.
Infidelity:  What Every Couple Should Know | June's Journal

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It’s not as uncommon as you might think. Affairs. In Christian marriages. Think you're safe? Watch this video.
TDBank: The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good... In That Order | June's Journal image 5

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I'd like to end on a good note about TDBank.  So first the ugly.  Then the bad.  Then the good.   The Ugly TDBank No Longer Reimburses...
What to Know about TDBank's new ATM Fees | June's Journal image 1

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Since March 2011, TD Bank no longer reimburses its customers for fees charged by non-TDBank ATM machines. And they add a new surcharge on top of that.
The Best & Worst Cities, Plus Moving Calculators | June's Journal image 1

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Here are some helping lists if you're considering moving to another city. These lists tell you the best, worst, healthiest, cities to live in... and more. I've also listed links to Cost of Living Calculators.
How Husbands are to Minister to their Wives | June's Journal

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Check out this message by Dr. Tony Evans who teaches on How Husbands are to Minister to their Wives. Good stuff.
How My Mom Defeated Breast Cancer | June's Journal image 3

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During Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided to honor my mom, a breast cancer conquer!
11 Natural Hair Products for Ethnic Tresses | June's Journal image 2

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Here's some of my favorite natural hair care products.
Street Safety DVD:  Metrobaby Manhattan | June's Journal image 5

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Basically my son had no concept of the street and how driving cars are dangerous. This DVD helped!
LeapPad:  An iPad-Like Tablet Just for Kids | June's Journal image 1

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LeapFrog is releasing the toddler-friendly LeapPAD this August! That's right. An iPad-like learning toy just for kids that can withstand being dropped... over and over again.
Hip Hop Industry, Culture, and Rape Accusations | June's Journal image 2

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A look into Hip Hop Industry, Hip Hop Culture, and Ashley Judd's assertion in her recent memoir that Hip rap music is a rape culture, a contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.
A Story (Spoken Word Style) for Single Sistas | June's Journal

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This one is for all you single lady saints out there. You will love this sista: her poetic style and more importantly, what she's saying. Her name is Janette, an official poet of P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement).
The Candy Ring, a Webisode by Solomon Jones | June's Journal image 2

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Watch this funny webisode, "The Candy Ring," produced by Solomon Jones. The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine, so get medicated.
Philly-Area Romantic Package for $158 | June's Journal

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If it's been a while (or even if it hasn't) since you and your spouse got away for the night, check out this great "Romantic Evening Package" deal!
Saved, Single, and Sexually Satisfied?! | June's Journal image 2

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This blog post is a response to an article recently posted by a single person who wrote, "I’m single. I’m saved (as in born-again Christian). And I have sex. Unapologetically."
Where to Get Grown Folk Footed Pajamas | June's Journal image 3

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Find out where to get cozy, comfortable footed pajamas for adults!
Use iPad App to Track Baby's Growth in Your Belly | June's Journal

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Pampers just released a very cool app for the IPAD that lets you keep track of the projected growth for pregnant women.
What Exactly is a Good Grade of Hair? | June's Journal image 1

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Think your hair can't rock natural styles? This article is for you! There are four (4) hair types and each one can wear natural hairstyles. Read on and learn more!

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