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Once childless in New York, this NY woman of faith fought infertility with prayer & perseverance and lives now with her husband Marc and miracle bundle of joy.

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When you think about confrontation, what comes to mind? Anger? Fighting? Screaming and yelling? Condemnation?

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Their testimony is very real, very powerful, and it addresses many of the angles that couples deal with when one spouse is engaged in the "secret sin" of pornography.

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Jordan and Jessica were both widowed in their 20s, but their tragic tale has a happy turn. Watch their amazing testimony.
The Little Stone Cottage

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For our anniversary we went to a cottage in Lancaster that was quite the lover's retreat!

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Watch this moving video to hear what inspired Manny to write the song, Cherished.

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Missie Branch appears on a TV talkshow to discuss how God restored her marriage.
Infidelity: What every couple should know

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It’s not as uncommon as you might think. Affairs. In Christian marriages. Think you're safe? Watch this video.

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Check out this message by Dr. Tony Evans who teaches on How Husbands are to Minister to their Wives. Good stuff.

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If it's been a while (or even if it hasn't) since you and your spouse got away for the night, check out this great "Romantic Evening Package" deal!

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Pampers just released a very cool app for the IPAD that lets you keep track of the projected growth for pregnant women.

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Here's what you probably never knew about birth control pills. It's not just estrogen in them.

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