TDBank: The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good... In That Order | June's Journal image 5

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I'd like to end on a good note about TDBank.  So first the ugly.  Then the bad.  Then the good.   The Ugly TDBank No Longer Reimburses...
What to Know about TDBank's new ATM Fees | June's Journal image 1

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Since March 2011, TD Bank no longer reimburses its customers for fees charged by non-TDBank ATM machines. And they add a new surcharge on top of that.
The Best & Worst Cities, Plus Moving Calculators | June's Journal image 1

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Here are some helping lists if you're considering moving to another city. These lists tell you the best, worst, healthiest, cities to live in... and more. I've also listed links to Cost of Living Calculators.

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