Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too) | June's Journal image 1

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I'm tech savvy by trade.  I'm also "mommy" to a bright and creative third-grader. So I take note when I come across cool technology programs...

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From Rage to Praise: a Couple's Infertility Struggle | June's Journal image 5

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Once childless in New York, this NY woman of faith fought infertility with prayer & perseverance and lives now with her husband Marc and miracle bundle of joy.
Repost:  A New Perspective For Moms | June's Journal image 1

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For most of us, we're our own biggest critic. But what do the people who matter most think? How do our children see us?
Street Safety DVD:  Metrobaby Manhattan | June's Journal image 5

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Basically my son had no concept of the street and how driving cars are dangerous. This DVD helped!
LeapPad:  An iPad-Like Tablet Just for Kids | June's Journal image 1

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LeapFrog is releasing the toddler-friendly LeapPAD this August! That's right. An iPad-like learning toy just for kids that can withstand being dropped... over and over again.
Use iPad App to Track Baby's Growth in Your Belly | June's Journal

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Pampers just released a very cool app for the IPAD that lets you keep track of the projected growth for pregnant women.
How Birth Control Pills Work as Abortifacients | June's Journal image 1

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Here's what you probably never knew about birth control pills. It's not just estrogen in them.

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