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I'm tech savvy by trade.  I'm also "mommy" to a bright and creative third-grader. So I take note when I come across cool technology programs...

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Ring, ring. Hello? "Hi, June. I woke up doubled over in pain; I'm bleeding, and it's not my time of the month," said the voice...

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Once childless in New York, this NY woman of faith fought infertility with prayer & perseverance and lives now with her husband Marc and miracle bundle of joy.

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Kay Warren shares how some in the family of Christ say insensitive things to parents who have lost children. Here's an insightful reminder to be mindful what we say about things we've never experienced ourselves.

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When you think about confrontation, what comes to mind? Anger? Fighting? Screaming and yelling? Condemnation?

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November is National Adoption month. A dear friend of mine, Rhonda Vanvyk, adopted a son a year ago and wrote an article for me to share to inform others about adoption.

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For most of us, we're our own biggest critic. But what do the people who matter most think? How do our children see us?

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Editor's Note:  It's often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many of us need to view ourselves more as those...

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Their testimony is very real, very powerful, and it addresses many of the angles that couples deal with when one spouse is engaged in the "secret sin" of pornography.

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Jordan and Jessica were both widowed in their 20s, but their tragic tale has a happy turn. Watch their amazing testimony.

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I saw a girl over my lunch break the other day that was wearing a teeny-tiny little dress.  It was a strapless dress...

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A friend of mine recently blogged on jealousy. She addressed people who are jealous (part one) and people are are the object of someone's jealousy (part two).

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So you want to go natural. Which method of going natural is best? Transitioning? Or doing the big chop?

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Looking for places to buy or order natural hair products? Here's a few.

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Whether you've done the big chop, are "transitioning" or just learning about natural hair care, here's 6 resources to know about. You'll want to bookmark these websites as some of your favorites for sure.

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This picture shows (instead of tells) the different hair types (straight, wavy, curly, or kinky).
The Little Stone Cottage

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For our anniversary we went to a cottage in Lancaster that was quite the lover's retreat!

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Singles should employ wisdom and standards when interacting with married saints at church...

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There are many different volunteer tasks needed for Joshua Sanderson.  You can help monthly, weekly, or daily. First, here's a glimpse into Joshua's typical day: 3...

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