Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good. | June's Journal image 1

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Why the cucumber is a must in your diet, a cool song, recipes, and more... I was really tickled by this video; a clever way...
The Best Foods, Teas & Supplements to Help Shrink Fibroids Naturally | June's Journal image 2

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Ring, ring. Hello? "Hi, June. I woke up doubled over in pain; I'm bleeding, and it's not my time of the month," said the voice...
How to Get Relief for Tired and Strained Eyes That Stare at a Computer Screen Most of the Day | June's Journal image 4

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Sitting at your computer for long hours of the day, your eyes can become weary and tired, even blurry! I couldn't even say straight sometimes. Here's what helped! Computer glasses!
Before You Order Your Next Pizza, Read This | June's Journal image 2

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Oh, no! The Food Babe speaks out about pizza. Well, not that you or I thought there were good things in commercial pizzas like Papa Johns or Little Caesars anyway, right?
Repost: No, doctors did not “inject HIV into a dying girl” to treat her cancer | June's Journal image 2

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There's a UPenn professor in Philly who seems close to a cancer cure. Maybe you've seen the viral video claiming HIV cures cancer? Turns out HIV is not involved, but still an amazing story.
How to Eat Organic in Lansdowne, Pa | June's Journal image 1

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If you live in Lansdowne, Pa, or nearby and want to eat organically, there's places right in this small town to get naturally grown goodies.
It's Been Two Years.  Time to Detox | June's Journal

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The Master Cleanse is something I try to do at least once a year. But it's been two years since my last cleanse. So I'm way overdue.
When Hospitals Provide Weekend and Night Hours | June's Journal

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Nights. Or weekends. Simply walk in. No appointment necessary. Adults or children. A great supplement to your normal doctor. Beats the emergency room any day of the week!
Juicing:  From Selection to Drinking | June's Journal

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This week my hubby and I juiced some fresh vegetables.  From Produce Junction.  In the juicer that my mom-n-law got us for Christmas.  It...
Ezekiel Bread, Cereal, Pasta & English Muffins | June's Journal

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Rodney reviews Ezekiel products and discusses the story behind its name.
A Look at Athlean-X Supplements | June's Journal

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Recently my hubby filmed a video to highlight some safe & healthy supplement alternatives.
7 Natural Remedies to End Colds Quick | June's Journal image 1

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I rarely get colds, but if I do get one or feel one coming on, these 7 natural remedies do the trick!
Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Recipe for Colds | June's Journal

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Did you know that apple cider vinegar and honey can knock out a cold? Try this recipe.
Excedrin Recall: Check Expiration Date | June's Journal

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Excedrin is recalling all lots of their products with expiration dates earlier than 12/20/14.
How My Mom Defeated Breast Cancer | June's Journal image 3

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During Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided to honor my mom, a breast cancer conquer!
10 Reasons Why Honey Powder is a Better Way to Sweeten | June's Journal image 2

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My friend/colleague has turned me onto an oldie but goodie: honey powder.
Little Known Ways to Cure Cancer: The Gerson Therapy | June's Journal image 4

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Here is an alternative to cancer that makes sense, one that the government doesn't publicize.
Zumba During Lunchtime in Downtown Philly | June's Journal image 4

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Are you interested in doing Zumba during lunchtime in Center City Philadelphia, PA? Please read on!
Contact Lenses & Private Labels: The Prescription Hustle | June's Journal image 1

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Some eye doctors are hustling contact lens wearers. Read about the hustle and be sure to pass this info on to people you know who wear contact lenses.
"Out, Damn'd Toxins! Out, I Say!" | June's Journal

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That's a quote borrowed from Shakespeare, modified of course. A popular way to rid the body of toxins is to undergo the 10+ Day "Master Cleanse" also known as the Lemonade Diet or Fast.

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