Tailor your Facebook News Feed to make you smile, not frown! | June's Journal

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How to stop seeing unwanted statuses or other posts in your newsfeed on Facebook. You can stop the madness!
Easy Email Campaigns With Constant Contact | June's Journal image 2

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Do you have an e-newsletter system to send out branded graphical e-mails to your mailing list?
Google Grabbed Groupon: You Grabbin' Too? | June's Journal image 14

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Google recently bought up Groupon for 6-million dollars.  But while Google clearly understands the value of Groupon, I ran into a couple friends and...
Subscribe via SMS on New Facebook Profile | June's Journal

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Even though the new Facebook profile has removed the link underneath a person's profile picture that says, "Subscribe via SMS," it's still possible to subscribe to anyone's status updates on Facebook via SMS.

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