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LeapFrog is releasing the toddler-friendly LeapPAD this August! That's right. An iPad-like learning toy just for kids that can withstand being dropped... over and over again.

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Google recently bought up Groupon for 6-million dollars.  But while Google clearly understands the value of Groupon, I ran into a couple friends and...

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Even though the new Facebook profile has removed the link underneath a person's profile picture that says, "Subscribe via SMS," it's still possible to subscribe to anyone's status updates on Facebook via SMS.

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Pampers just released a very cool app for the IPAD that lets you keep track of the projected growth for pregnant women.

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Here's how to open a .PAGES file on a Windows PC.

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Some collect coins. Others collect stamps. Well, um, I've collected some pretty cool wallpapers over the past year and I've compressed them into a Zip file that I want to share with you!

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Stop spending steep monthly costs for dynamic content management solutions. Read about why I recommend switching to a WordPress CMS setup!

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Kick your webmaster to the curb. With so many free do-it-yourself website tools these days, anyone (even people not good with computers) can put together an attractive, highly functional website.

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