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Sometimes you just come across the right song at the right moment that blesses your heart. Here is a song that did that for me...

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I love this IT company's music videos! Here is their latest, "Can't Stop the SUSE." [youtube] Parody Lyrics by: Bryan Lunduke, Joanne Eames, Kent Wimmer Behind the...
51 Christmas Music CDs Proclaiming the Season's Reason

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Celebrating Jesus' birth this season? What's a good celebration without music? Here are 51 Christmas music albums for just the occasion...

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Recently I caught up with Kim Williams aka KIWI to interview her about her upcoming album that releases this month, just in time for Christmas!

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You learned about Nykki Efunnuga’s counseling practice in part one of my interview with her. Now it’s time to learn more about her singing ministry and worship CD.

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If you are looking for some new songs for your Christmas playlist, I highly recommend grabbing Lisa McClendon's CD, "Christmas With You."

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It’s also hard to believe that Lauryn penned her Grammy Award-winning song TO ZION 13-years-ago to her son Zion. That’s right. Zion is a teenager now! Lauryn is back in action after all this time, on tour even doing live TV tributes for Bob Marley.

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Newly re-married, Christian neo-soul artist Lisa McClendon shares how God moved her from an abusive marriage to find new love with a "man's man."

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A look into Hip Hop Industry, Hip Hop Culture, and Ashley Judd's assertion in her recent memoir that Hip rap music is a rape culture, a contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.

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When the award-winner was read, it was neither pop sensation Justin Bieber or rapper extraordinaire Drake. The name on the inside of the envelope was Esperanza Spalding, and much of the world watching the show said, "Who?"

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Commentator Jeff Johnson, featured weekly on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TMJS) speaks about Willow Smith, the daugther of Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, who recently released a new hit single and music video called, "Whip My Hair," but includes in his discussion the bigger picture and context of legacy building within the Black community, something he says that we can all do, rich or poor.

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