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TDBank: The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good… In That Order

TDBank: The Ugly, the Bad, & the Good... In That Order | June's Journal image 5

I’d like to end on a good note about TDBank.  So first the ugly.  Then the bad.  Then the good.   The Ugly TDBank No Longer Reimburses ATM Fees Nope. In March 2011, they stopped that signature service of reimbursing the fees imposed by other banks when using non-TDBank ATM machines. In fact, on top…

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Jeff Johnson on The Marriage Vow Signed By Republicans

Jeff Johnson on The Marriage Vow Signed By Republicans | June's Journal image 6

During his commentary that aired on July 12, 2011, Jeff Johnson addressed some of the controversial language found in the The Preamble to The Marriage Vow, a document signed and endorsed by two Republican candidates. Jeff also gives a 3-point call to action for persons everywhere no matter which political party you may endorse.

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Google Grabbed Groupon: You Grabbin’ Too?

Google Grabbed Groupon: You Grabbin' Too? | June's Journal image 14

Google recently bought up Groupon for 6-million dollars.  But while Google clearly understands the value of Groupon, I ran into a couple friends and family members who have never heard of Groupon.  “What’s Groupon?” they asked. Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. They give deals to thousands and in turn the businesses advertised…

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Whipping Hair and Legacy Building

Whipping Hair and Legacy Building | June's Journal image 2

Commentator Jeff Johnson, featured weekly on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TMJS) speaks about Willow Smith, the daugther of Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, who recently released a new hit single and music video called, “Whip My Hair,” but includes in his discussion the bigger picture and context of legacy building within the Black community, something he says that we can all do, rich or poor.

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