Can’t Stop the Feeling Parody by SUSE

Can't Stop the Feeling Parody by SUSE | June's Journal

I love this IT company’s music videos! Here is their latest, “Can’t Stop the SUSE.” Parody Lyrics by: Bryan Lunduke, Joanne Eames, Kent Wimmer Behind the scenes footage Ha. Love it! Enjoy. And don’t stop dancing. Seriously. Get up in move. It’s bad to sit in one place for hours on end. It can be…

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Behind the Scenes at SNL, Suse and The Flash

Behind the Scenes at SNL, Suse and The Flash | June's Journal

Standby to Zoom.  Standby 31.  And Zoom. It’s live TV.  The set change must be fast. And done with precision. Take a look at this recent set change sneek peek of the popular comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Good job, John. In 35. Come on, that big wall’s gotta go, and we’ll be alright. 7…

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Your Plan vs. God’s Plan… A Simple Illustration

Your Plan vs. God's Plan... A Simple Illustration | June's Journal image 4

Shout out to my friend Angie who shared this picture today! Have a Joyful Day Angie shared it from Lecrae’s public Facebook status, and his comment simply said, “Consider it pure joy.” Indeed. To learn more about that, read chapter 1 of the book of James in the Bible (James 1:2-26). Post by Lecrae. James 1:2-26 (New…

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Cell Phone Integrity During Worship (Humor)

Cell Phone Integrity During Worship (Humor) | June's Journal

Recently I created a playlist of Christian comedians on YouTube.  Below is a sample clip from one of the many awesome comedians out there!  The bible says laughter is medicine to the bones.  It’s true.  There is scientific statistics showing how people have healed from major illnesses or even disease by watching nothing but comedy…

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Be Aware and Beware of Dust Mites

Be Aware and Beware of Dust Mites | June's Journal

Where have I been all my life? I have never heard of dust mites before! Until now that is. And perhaps ignorance was bliss as the saying goes. But now that I know, and knowing is half the battle, I felt compelled to share my dust mite awareness (and disgust thereof) with you, oh fellow friend who may also be sleeping with the mites.

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