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I love this IT company's music videos! Here is their latest, "Can't Stop the SUSE." [youtube] Parody Lyrics by: Bryan Lunduke, Joanne Eames, Kent Wimmer Behind the...

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Standby to Zoom.  Standby 31.  And Zoom. It's live TV.  The set change must be fast. And done with precision. Take a look at this recent...

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Shout out to my friend Angie who shared this picture today! Have a Joyful Day Angie shared it from Lecrae's public Facebook status, and his comment...

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Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world!

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It was one of those weeks. Seemingly, everything that could go wrong, did! The roof, the sink, my desk, a snow day and some puke.

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They're wild & roaming Lansdowne township. Turkeys. Seemingly oblivious that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There's also coyotes & hawks, too!

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Recently I created a playlist of Christian comedians on YouTube.  Below is a sample clip from one of the many awesome comedians out there!...

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What could God possibly have had in mind when He created cockroaches? Here's five possible reasons!

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Nights. Or weekends. Simply walk in. No appointment necessary. Adults or children. A great supplement to your normal doctor. Beats the emergency room any day of the week!

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Check out this video skit below that answers the "good enough" question in a fun way.

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A video parody of today's evangelical megachurch. Funny yet pretty close to reality.

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A very funny yet very sad and true video depicting how many of us worship in church.

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Watch this funny webisode, "The Candy Ring," produced by Solomon Jones. The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine, so get medicated.

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Find out where to get cozy, comfortable footed pajamas for adults!

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Where have I been all my life? I have never heard of dust mites before! Until now that is. And perhaps ignorance was bliss as the saying goes. But now that I know, and knowing is half the battle, I felt compelled to share my dust mite awareness (and disgust thereof) with you, oh fellow friend who may also be sleeping with the mites.

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