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These brides wore natural hair styles for their wedding day.

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Learn why some natural hair gurus say that wearing your hair in a wash & go state regularly is bad for your hair health.

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So you want to go natural. Which method of going natural is best? Transitioning? Or doing the big chop?

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Shortly after Solange Knowles did the big chop, she was in news everywhere.  Gone were the weaves and extensions (similar to what her sister...

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As so aptly shown in the Transition video posted by the New York Times this past week, natural hair care is taking the African...

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Check out this 6-minute video on black women "transitioning" their hair.  I loved it.  It was posted on the New York Times website three...

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Looking for places to buy or order natural hair products? Here's a few.

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Whether you've done the big chop, are "transitioning" or just learning about natural hair care, here's 6 resources to know about. You'll want to bookmark these websites as some of your favorites for sure.

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My first natural hair product ever was Kinky Curly's Curling Custard. I got it from Whole Foods grocery store.

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Here's some quick notes about Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk Curl Definer.

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This picture shows (instead of tells) the different hair types (straight, wavy, curly, or kinky).

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Is it possible to straighten natural hair using heat and then revert back without damage?

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She's beautiful. Bold. Black. And bald--but not by choice. Meet Annette Moore.

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Here's some of my favorite natural hair care products.

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At first I didn't consider this product because of its name. "I'm not mixed," I reasoned.  Foolish, I know. But I'm so glad I gave it...

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Suave Conditioner is another one of my staples.  I can use the Suave Conditioner to wet and co-wash my hair and then use the...

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Hands down, this is one of my staple products for my hair.  Cantu's Shae Butter can do no wrong.  And it's a leave-in conditioner...

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Buy any two Miss Jessie’s products at select Target stores and get a free $10 Target gift card.

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Think your hair can't rock natural styles? This article is for you! There are four (4) hair types and each one can wear natural hairstyles. Read on and learn more!

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Lots of women of color are doing it all over the world; that is, going completely natural. Contrary to popular myth, all hair types can go all-naturale!

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