He is our Hope for the hopeless and broken. #houston #praying

Cristabel Clack, a worship leader and co-pastor of Living Waters Community Church in San Antonio, TX, and is a favorite singer of mine! Love her sound and heart. She actually competed on American Idol in 2013 and got pretty far in the competition.  She just released a single called, “POUR IT OUT” which is available…

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Could you do this with one leg? How about one arm?

Rickshaw Driver With Only One Leg And Arm This video is inspiring. How so? Well, this is someone who lost his leg at age 12. Then lost his arm due to a blocked vein. Then he became a widow.  His work as a Cycle rickshaw driver is how he provides for his two sons. He has…

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Pastor Thabiti Anywabwile Says Artists Should Embrace a Christian

Hi. I know it’s been a year–or two–since I’ve last blogged. That fact is kind of interesting for someone like myself loves to write, and who also makes a partial living helping other people setup their blogs.  (I’m currently Help Desk Supervisor by day & webmaster by night.) Perhaps I had long-term writer’s block?  Not sure.  Guess…

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Celebrating Freedom

Celebrating Freedom | June's Journal

Lots of freedoms to celebrate!  Free in America to own BIBLES, PRAY, go to CHURCH, and believe what we want. God gives us that freedom, too. Freedom to choose Him.  He who the Son sets free is free indeed!  Thank you, LORD, for what you did to give us liberty over death! God bless America.…

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Your Plan vs. God’s Plan… A Simple Illustration

Your Plan vs. God's Plan... A Simple Illustration | June's Journal image 4

Shout out to my friend Angie who shared this picture today! Have a Joyful Day Angie shared it from Lecrae’s public Facebook status, and his comment simply said, “Consider it pure joy.” Indeed. To learn more about that, read chapter 1 of the book of James in the Bible (James 1:2-26). Post by Lecrae. James 1:2-26 (New…

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