Write, Forrest, Write

That’s a nod to two movies: Forrest Gump and Finding Forrester. I have a fellow writer friend. I encouraged her to write. To blog. To just do it. And boy did she ever. She blogged every single day for an entire year! So watching her discipline herself to do that was extremely inspiring. I don’t…

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Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good.

Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good. | June's Journal image 1

Why the cucumber is a must in your diet, a cool song, recipes, and more… I was really tickled by this video; a clever way to communicate all the great benefits of cucumbers!  This song makes me want to add some cucumber slices to my water bottles! This Jamaican song is rich in culture and information…

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“What are you? Is your mama White?”

My dad and I took a DNA Test. For Father’s Day last year, I bought my dad a DNA Test from Ancestry.com.  I bought one for myself, too. No, not the kind of DNA paternity tests featured on Maury Povich, where he famously says, “You are… not the father!” We took the DNA ethnicity test, the kind that…

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Behind the Scenes at SNL, Suse and The Flash

Behind the Scenes at SNL, Suse and The Flash | June's Journal

Standby to Zoom.  Standby 31.  And Zoom. It’s live TV.  The set change must be fast. And done with precision. Take a look at this recent set change sneek peek of the popular comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Good job, John. In 35. Come on, that big wall’s gotta go, and we’ll be alright. 7…

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“Miss! Miss! This is not a School!”

"Miss! Miss! This is not a School!" | June's Journal

I tend to take notice when I hear North Philly mentioned.  It’s where I lived for several years.  On the corner of Hancock and Diamond. It’s where I composed, “My Apologies to North Philly,” a spoken-word piece.  So when scrolling through my Twitter feed, this Ted Talk video caught my attention. Ted Talk by a Determined…

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Part-time work options in a full-time world

I was surprised to find so many articles about the benefits or working part-time with many giving tips on how to make this transition if currently working full-time. That is the dilemma I find myself in. I’m over 40-years old and consistently work over 40 hours a week because I’m salaried.

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Black Lives Matter Equally. That is the Point.

Black Lives Matter Equally. That is the Point. | June's Journal

I came across the below cartoon on Facebook and wanted to add it here to my blog.  It does a great job of illustrating the what the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (#blacklifematters) means. Specifically, no one is saying Black Lives matter only.  Or that Black Lives matter exclusively.  Nor is anyone claiming Black Lives matter…

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Pastor Thabiti Anywabwile Says Artists Should Embrace a Christian

Hi. I know it’s been a year–or two–since I’ve last blogged. That fact is kind of interesting for someone like myself loves to write, and who also makes a partial living helping other people setup their blogs.  (I’m currently Help Desk Supervisor by day & webmaster by night.) Perhaps I had long-term writer’s block?  Not sure.  Guess…

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Coming Soon to June’s Journal–Plus Personal Updates

Coming Soon to June's Journal--Plus Personal Updates | June's Journal image 2

I went from blogging weekly to hardly at all.  Recently I had some big life shifts, including a new job.  So now that I’m “settled”, I want to catch up!  Here’s some stuff in the cooker:    *    Interview with Badia Jeter who is coming out with a new project    *    Interview…

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Public Shredding Event This Saturday in Philly on August 4th

Public Shredding Event This Saturday in Philly on August 4th | June's Journal

I don’t consider myself a pack rat. I’m the “better half” of the marriage in that department.  Or so I thought.  After all, I love organizing and despise clutter.  So it was an eye opener this weekend going through an old file cabinet.  I had filed a receipt from the gas station. From 2003.  Really?…

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Jeff Johnson on The Marriage Vow Signed By Republicans

Jeff Johnson on The Marriage Vow Signed By Republicans | June's Journal image 6

During his commentary that aired on July 12, 2011, Jeff Johnson addressed some of the controversial language found in the The Preamble to The Marriage Vow, a document signed and endorsed by two Republican candidates. Jeff also gives a 3-point call to action for persons everywhere no matter which political party you may endorse.

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