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Why the cucumber is a must in your diet, a cool song, recipes, and more... I was really tickled by this video; a clever way...

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My dad and I took a DNA Test. For Father's Day last year, I bought my dad a DNA Test from Ancestry.com.  I bought one for...

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Standby to Zoom.  Standby 31.  And Zoom. It's live TV.  The set change must be fast. And done with precision. Take a look at this recent...

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I tend to take notice when I hear North Philly mentioned.  It's where I lived for several years.  On the corner of Hancock and...

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I was surprised to find so many articles about the benefits or working part-time with many giving tips on how to make this transition if currently working full-time. That is the dilemma I find myself in. I'm over 40-years old and consistently work over 40 hours a week because I'm salaried.

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I came across the below cartoon on Facebook and wanted to add it here to my blog.  It does a great job of illustrating...

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Hi. I know it's been a year--or two--since I've last blogged. That fact is kind of interesting for someone like myself loves to write, and who also...

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“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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It was one of those weeks. Seemingly, everything that could go wrong, did! The roof, the sink, my desk, a snow day and some puke.

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A free concert with Christian rapper Lecrae and other music guests along with a great Word from Greg Laurie is going down two nights this weekend at the Wacchovia Center.

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Here some sample tweets about prayer in schools found on Twitter, from various angles and opinions.

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I went from blogging weekly to hardly at all.  Recently I had some big life shifts, including a new job.  So now that I'm...

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I don't consider myself a pack rat. I'm the "better half" of the marriage in that department.  Or so I thought.  After all, I...

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A new Christian Counseling practice is in town, and the heart doctor is in!

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During his commentary that aired on July 12, 2011, Jeff Johnson addressed some of the controversial language found in the The Preamble to The Marriage Vow, a document signed and endorsed by two Republican candidates. Jeff also gives a 3-point call to action for persons everywhere no matter which political party you may endorse.

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She's beautiful. Bold. Black. And bald--but not by choice. Meet Annette Moore.

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