Vote the Big Picture, Not One Issue

Vote the Big Picture, Not One Issue | June's Journal image 3

I’ve heard there’s women voting for Hillary Clinton to become the next president simply because she’s a woman.  It was put to me like this, “Many women are torn as to who to vote for since Hillary is a woman.”

Well, I’m a woman.  But I’m not torn.  I think it’s silly to base one’s voting criteria on who will run our nation based on gender alone.

Granted, it’s an exciting time in our country that a woman is running for president.  But is she the best candidate?   If you beleive she will do the best job, then vote for her.  But please don’t vote for her just because she’s a woman!

The same is true for Obama. Don’t vote for him just because he’s a black man. How foolish.  Vote for him because you believe he’s the best man for the job out of all the other candidates.

And Christians, please don’t automatically default to voting for a Republican candidate just because the person claims to be pro-life.  I’m amazed at how many Christians vote people into office based on that one criteria.  Saints, let’s be more realistic here.  There’s a much bigger picture than that one issue.  Electing someone based on simply one issue alone is rather shallow and foolish.

Abortion is just one issue within a much bigger picture to consider.  Think about it.  Voting a pro-life president into office for eight consecutive years (i.e., President George Bush) did absolutely nothing to stop abortions.  Abortions were legal when Bush took office… and 8 years later, they’re still legal.

And truth be told, pro-life Christians all over America who fight for the sanctity of human life have (unknowingly) aborted precious lives themselves, just from taking the Devo shot or the birth control pill.  (If you’ve never heard of this, read my blog post on “How Birth Control Pills Work as Abortifacients.”)

Granted, I wouldn’t mind someone with the same spiritual convictions as my own running our nation.  In general, what Christian wouldn’t prefer another “Christian” running the nation?   I say in general because there are a quite few Christians who I would not want to see running the nation.  Pat Robertson who ran for President many years ago is one such Christian.  But that’s another blog post for another day (smile).

I actually think Bush preyed on what I call “Christian votes.”   He understands that America is still a predominantly Christian nation.  And he tapped into those “Christian votes.”  Targeting them.  Hard.  He knew there would be whole populations of people and entire churches who would vote him in based on his confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The icing on the cake for many pro-Bush Christians was his position on abortion and stem cell research.

I applaud Bush’s stand in particular on stem cell research (i.e., banning the practice of cloning people).  But was he the best man to be president of our nation? Many believed so because he was re-elected. Of course, the first time around the election seems like it may have been rigged.  (Don’t think that’s possible? Then you haven’t watched the HBO documentary called, “Hacking Democracy.”  Check it out.)

The Bush family also seems a little too oil hungry in my opinion. If you research his dad’s connections to people in some of those Arab countries, it’s a little scary to learn of the family’s long-time investments into the oil industry.  This may excolor-box President Bush’s relentless pursuit of Iraq, a country with a whole bunch of oil that he doesn’t want anyone else to have seemingly.

I actually think family sucession should not be allowed for the presidency.  For example, we had Bush senior.  Now we have Bush junior.   We also had Clinton the husband.  And now Clinton the wife is running.  Ought not be allowed.  One 4-8 year term per family. Period. That’s my two cents.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with families running things. God appointed the Levites in the Bible to run all things religious. They were the priests and temple caretakers back in the day, and that was their family trade so-to-speak. But as far as president of the United States, let’s not keep the same family line in the office no more than eight years.

My bottom line challenge to Christians is to consider the entire picture, not just one issue.  May the best candidate for the job win.  Not based on gender, race, or religion.  And may God bless America.

Question:  Are you guilty of every voting based on someone’s gender, race, or their religious views?  Why do you think God asks Christians to pray for our government leaders when they may not even serve Him?  What qualities in a leader to look for in presidential candidates?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.