Building 48 Websites for 48 Non-Profit Organizations in 48-Hours


Things like this make me smile. It reminds me that for all the evil in the world, there is so much good and plenty of do-gooders out there.

This appeals to me, what 48in48 is doing.

Maybe I can’t be on the frontlines stopping Human Trafficking, but I can lend my talents to help create a website for the organizations who are out there in the trenches making a difference.  Or maybe since I’m a busy mom working to pay bills, I can’t hi the streets regularly to feed the homeless, but I can help the local homeless shelter design a logo.

Over the years I have often enjoyed working behind the scenes to power troops on the frontlines for quite a few churches, ministries and non-profits.  I wrote about doing this for one of Greg Laurie’s Harvest outreaches in Philadelphia.

48in48 takes this to a whole new level.  They recruit volunteer coders who collectively meet  for an appointed time and set date to “give” within 48-hours specifically.  (Did you really think it was just one person creating 48 websites in 48-hours?)

Wow, what synergy.  I bet that gathering is full of buzz and adrenaline.

And they want to do this in 48 cities around the world. How cool is that!

And I love their slogan, “It’s our code.”

Clever double-meaning.

It reminds me of the TV Show Dexter unfortunately (my hubby happens to be bringing on Dexter reruns this month – he had a “code” as to who he would kill and not kill).

Salute to 48in48!  Watch their super cool promo video below and visit their website at