Christmas Has Nothing to do with the Messiah

Have you ever heard this about the Christmas holiday? Fasten your seat belts. The ride is a bit bumpy but the truth can set you free. Is it OK or not OK to re-purpose pagan worship into genuine worship for our Abba Father? Turn the ignition and start the engine! Let’s go!

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A Rare 3-Step Technique to Over Come Stuttering

“Stuttering is Curable,” says Steve Harvey Steve Harvey stuttered severely earlier in his life and says he discovered a technique that can cure stuttering in only one-hour. Sounds too good to be true, right? I was skeptical too. I know absolutely nothing about this topic or ailment that afflicts about 5% of children (1 in 20)…

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Work from Home Medical Jobs

Do you have a passion for the medical industry and enjoy helping people? Ever wish you could help people from home? Check out this list of work from home medical jobs!

I hope these help you in your search for jobs you can do right from home!

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Yahuah’s Cucumber does the body good.

Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good. | June's Journal image 1

Discover Why the cucumber is a must in your diet… plus a cool song and recipe! I stumbled on this video that features a clever song to list the benefits of cucumbers!  It’s easy to forget that such a tiny veggie can have such a significant impact on our bodies. But of course it does,…

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“What are you? Is your mama White?”

My dad and I took a DNA Test. For Father’s Day last year, I bought my dad a DNA Test from  I bought one for myself, too. No, not the kind of DNA paternity tests featured on Maury Povich, where he famously says, “You are… not the father!” We took the DNA ethnicity test, the kind that…

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Can’t Stop the Feeling Parody by SUSE

Can't Stop the Feeling Parody by SUSE | June's Journal

I love this IT company’s music videos! Here is their latest, “Can’t Stop the SUSE.” Parody Lyrics by: Bryan Lunduke, Joanne Eames, Kent Wimmer Behind the scenes footage Ha. Love it! Enjoy. And don’t stop dancing. Seriously. Get up in move. It’s bad to sit in one place for hours on end. It can be…

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“Miss! Miss! This is not a School!”

"Miss! Miss! This is not a School!" | June's Journal

I tend to take notice when I hear North Philly mentioned.  It’s where I lived for several years.  On the corner of Hancock and Diamond. It’s where I composed, “My Apologies to North Philly,” a spoken-word piece.  So when scrolling through my Twitter feed, this Ted Talk video caught my attention. Ted Talk by a Determined…

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New Denzel Movie, “Fences” Debuts Christmas Day

New Denzel Movie, "Fences" Debuts Christmas Day | June's Journal

Watch the new official teaser trailer for Fences, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. See it in theatres December 25, 2016. Here are some reviews from around the web: Film Review: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in ‘Fences’ ‘Fences’ Review: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Take Center Stage

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Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too)

Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too) | June's Journal image 1

I’m tech savvy by trade.  I’m also “mommy” to a bright and creative third-grader. So I take note when I come across cool technology programs for schools.  Below, I list some along with related articles full of tips and resources. Class Education for Today’s Schools The first two listed (WeVideo and GoAnimate) cultivate the creative…

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Black Lives Matter Equally. That is the Point.

Black Lives Matter Equally. That is the Point. | June's Journal

I came across the below cartoon on Facebook and wanted to add it here to my blog.  It does a great job of illustrating the what the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (#blacklifematters) means. Specifically, no one is saying Black Lives matter only.  Or that Black Lives matter exclusively.  Nor is anyone claiming Black Lives matter…

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