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Hello there & welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by “June’s Journal,” my personal blog. As you might have guessed, I’m June, and I’m very pleased to (virtually) meet you. I’m thankful you are here because a writer without readers is like someone who lectures in the wilderness. So I’m blessed to have a blog that has readers.

Why June’s Journal?

Sometimes I wonder if I should have grabbed the name “June’s Journey” instead of “Journal,” because life has been quite the journey! Simply put, I need a place online, a personal place, where I could write on topics not necessarily related to my occupation, which is a Web Developer & Certified Digital Business Consultant.  So “June’s Journal” was born in ___, although I have blogged prior to that date using mediums such as Blogger.

A Love of Writing

I have always loved to write from an early age. In fact I used to write novels that my classmates would read on our hour-long bus ride to school in West Germany (yep, I was an Army brat). I’d write a new chapter each week and my “readers” were always eager for the next chapter.

I won a couple North Carolina Writing Awards when in high school and wrote a column for my church’s youth group newsletter. A very shy teen, I was known for writing letters to share my thoughts. I wrote a few plays too. Eventually I was the Editor of my college newspaper but did not do a whole lot of writing during my college years other than my term papers.

I was raised to believe writing was not a profitable career & not something to pursue full-time. Imagine how I felt when I discovered that screenwriters earn up to million dollars or more!

Making Writing a Priority

Now in my forties, I’m finally making writing a priority. I feel my season is here and that is never too late to begin.  My husband, also a writer (journalist and screenwriter) is encouraging me to write a novel. Our son has inherited our passion for writing, and we encourage him to write, to do pursue his passions, not focus on what is profitable. So you can say the whole family writes! A family who writes together stays together?

My Topics

This is my family.

The trend today is to blog on a very specific “niche.” I’m daring to rebel and am blogging on MANY topics.

In addition to sharing my journey to help others with their own journey, particularly with natural hair, natural wellness and faith, I want to help others avoid the many mistakes I made in life. Knowing truly is half the battle, and we struggle and “perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

I don’t know everything. Far from it. I have so much yet to learn. But I love to share what I’ve learned so far.

We can agree to disagree

Naturally, you will not agree with everything I post!  By all means, please chew the meat & spit out the bones.

I pray the resources & reflections on these topics help you in some way is my prayer for you.  I also hope and pray that you know God.  Like really know Him, as in have a personal relationship with Him. Did you know that was possible?

How to stay in touch

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Thank you again for stopping by!

Much Love,


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