Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m June.  By day I’m a computer analyst.  By night I’m a writer & web consultant.  Around the clock I’m a mom, wife, & child of the Most High God!


This is my family.

June’s Journal is a blog.  It’s a rather eclectic mix of topics.  Faith. Hair. Film. Technology. Food. Health. Friends.

By all means, please chew the meat & spit out the bones.  Prayerfully you’ll find more meat than bones!

Truly “we perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6.   May the resources & reflections on these topics help you in some way.

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  1. Hair.  In September 2009, I did the BC.  The Big Chop.  I cut 6-inches of relaxed hair off.  And I sported a TWA.   Teeny Weeny Afro. And I even did a second BC in 2013!  Long story.  My goal is to share my journey & tips to help other women who are  transitioning to natural hair.  It’s not new.  Very old in fact.  But natural hair is taking the black hair community by storm.  And for good reasons!  Alopecia is one of them.
  2. Faith.  I’m a Christian.  So you’ll see a lot of posts on faith.  I also like to share funny videos, like, “Cell Phone Integrity During Worship.”  And, well, I also have some pet peeves with some churches.  Apparently God does, too; see Revelations 2-3.  My goal is to spark dialogue.  Maybe together we can change a thing or two in our Christian communities!  It’s also therapeutic.  For me and others (who write and tell me so).  I do give my word that as a Bible college graduate and wife of a licensed minister, I aim to use proper biblical context, hermeneutics, and exegesis when discussing topics of faith. But I’m not perfect and still learning like everyone else.  “Chew meat.  Spit bones” (2 Timothy 2:15).
  3. Technology.  Some call me a nerd.  I prefer “matrix operator.”  I enjoy sharing computer tips or general technology stuff.  Hey, you need to know that the LeapFrog released an iPad-like tablet just for kids, right?  (And all mom’s who had their iPad dropped or broken, say, “Yea and Amen!”)  I also created JunesTutorialTV, a YouTube channel.  You can hire me to make videos. Or hire me to consult you on websites or social media. I also offer training on WordPress, Office, Facebook, & FileSite.  See JDWebSolutions.com.
  4. Film.  My husband Rodney is an aspiring screenwriter.  We’re also avid movie buffs.  So we’re often watching, reviewing (and sometimes promoting) films, especially black films & filmmakers.  People like by Qasim Basir.  Ava DuVernay. And others who are creating films outside of Hollywood.  It’s not just Tyler Perry and Spike Lee anymore!  There’s decent, non-corny Christian films releasing, too.  I will post trailers to select ones.  See anything I missed?  Don’t be shy.  Drop me a line.
  5. Food.   Here I post about carrot juice. And kale chips.  And any food that excites me.  Thanks to my hubby, a food connoisseur, I highlight some great restaurants too.   He’s an awesome cook to boot.  So I share recipes too, or just share what we had for dinner.  In order to exchange ideas with others.  Food choices in today’s cancer & disease-ridden world are important.  And those choices can taste de-licious! (I now understand the sayings of old, “Garbage in, garbage out.”  And, “You are what you eat!”)
  6. Health.   Whoever said health is wealth is not kidding.  For example, who knew there’s years of poop inside you?  Who knew there’s cancer cure alternatives or that daily vitamin D3 prevents colds and some forms of cancer?  Rodney also v-logs on fitness; check out his site at RLW Fitness.com.
  7. Friends.  God has blessed my path because so many cool & talented people have crossed it!  I showcase some here.  Their talents.  Services. Books.  Products. Victories. Them.  May their stories inspire you.  Every entrepreneur in this section is highly recommended.

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Me at Age 5.

I know sometimes it’s cooler to read or subscribe to a blog where you know more about the person who is blogging.   So here’s some highlights in a timeline-like fashion.

  • The 70’s.  Born in Germany.  No, I’m not German (I’m asked that a lot when I say I was born there.  As I like to say, my mom’s water just happen to break while my dad was completing his military tour there).
  • The 80’s.  Lived mostly in Fayetteville, NC (known to military brats as Fayette-naum) and Virginia.
  • 1982 to 1988.  Lived in Stuttgart, Germany, for six (6) years, from fifth grade to tenth grade.  My dad was a CW3 (Chief Warrant Officer) in the U.S. Army. Germany is also where Jesus became my Lord in addition to my Savior.  Shout-out to the Christian Serviceman’s Center.  While in Germany, I was able to travel to France, Greece, and Yugoslavia!  Yes, that’s really a country.
  • 1989:  Went on a missions trip to Mexico City with my youth group.  We were put under house arrest!  Lots of interesting and fun challenges.  Many people came to know the Lord.  “Estomas aque para regular una bilica cada dia.”  I still remember some of my “missionary Spanish!”
  • 1990: Graduated high school in Fayetteville, NC
  • 1996: Graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, in 1996.  I studied office administration, urban ministry, and helped run the computer lab. I was also editor in chief of the college newspaper, FLAME.  Also participated in band, choir, Black Fellowship Club, and various student ministries.
  • 1996 to 1998:  Got my first apartment and job in Florida.  Worked as an executive assistant for Marriot Ownership Resorts and also was the church secretary for Freedom in Christ (an inner-city church).  Then as a tech support rep for Intuit (the makers of Quicken) in Virgina.  Then as a PC Specialist for Rohm & Haas Company (a Fortune 500 Company in Philly on 6th & Market Street), then as a Web Developer for the Southeastern Penn region of the American Red Cross in Philly.  There’s a whole testimony to getting that job.  I had already left my old job before getting the new one (not advisable), and  I beat out a couple dozen other applicants!  I was also their first telecommuter at the Red Cross after saying to my manager, “Hey, I could do this job from home.” =)
  • 1998-2004:  Worked with an urban ministry that stemmed from a Christian rap group called The Cross Movement.   This 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, formally called Cross Movement Ministries Inc, impacted lives worldwide using rap music and literature to spread the Gospel.  The headquarters was actually in my apartment building!  That bright idea in a board meeting afforded me a short commute to work each morning =) – I was the IT Director, which involved several hats.  This era is when I got the nickname “JD” (my first two initials).  Except for Manny (Da’ T.R.U.T.H.) who kept calling me “Jaydakiss.”  And my mom who still calls me Junebuggy to this day!  (Smile.)
  • 2002:  Joined the Calvary Baptist Church of Philadelphia.  Met my future hubby after a mutual friend, Aaron, kept asking if we knew each other.  We were also both friends of Rasool & Tamica, who asked Rod to give me a thank you card from their wedding, and I was taken at first sight lol.  Rod served as the evangelism director, adult Sunday school teacher, and Wednesday night Bible Study teacher.  Later he also served as an ordained deacon and licensed minister.  God’s given him the gift of teaching, and he has a heart for evangelism.
  • 2004:  Rod & I tied the knot.  We honeymooned in Aruba one week and Canada for a second week. Oooooo!
  • 2004-2007:  Freelanced full-time building websites.  It was the best of times and the worse of times.
  • 2007:  Shutdown JDWeb Solutions and re-entered the “corporate world.”
  • 2008:  Gave birth to my son, Darius. His name means, “Upholder of the good!”
  • 2012:  Still with the corporate world, but began working from home again.  This time as a Help Desk Engineer providing remote technical assistance to multiple law firms in places like Philly, New York, Atlanta, and Houston!
  • 2013:   I re-started JDWeb Solution after I had really thought I never wanted to design another website or consult someone on websites ever again!  But the passion is back, bigger than ever, and God gave several confirmations and signs, “It’s time.”  (I think I was just burnt out, etc, the first time.  I’m trying not to repeat the same mistakes this time around, and focusing more on consulting & training.)

And that brings us up to date!  I probably just “dated” myself with that timeline!  Oh well.  Thought it’d be a fun, unique way to share (smile).  I tend to be a bit unorthodox.  But it’s genuinely how God knit me.


My spiritual gifts are showing mercy and administration according to this test.

My life motto based on Romans 8:28 is:

God can take ANY mess
and turn it into
a beautiful miracle.”

My favorite version of the bible is The New Living Translation (NLT).   My favorite Bible is the parallel bible that features NLT and KJV versions of the text side by side!  (You gotta check it out.)

My favorite verse is John 16:33:

“In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart, be of good cheer,
for I have overcome the world!”

I put that in red letters because it’s Jesus talking!  Jesus, the Christ, the Author & Finisher of all Life!  (Hebrews 12:2).

Or as the late Juan L.  (Enock) James, former Cross Movement rap artist put it:

“He’s omnipotent, omniscient, self-sufficient, pre-eminent, co-existent, never distant · the divine Thriller, the Blood-Spiller · Void-Filler · the Peace-be-Stiller · the Sin-in-the-flesh-Killer · · The livin’ agua · the never endin’ saga · Aleph and the Tau · Eternal Father · Infinite with all might whose shinin’ bright · with all light · Jesus the Christ · the Author and Finisher of all life!”

(Those are Juan’s lyrics from “Introducin'” on the Cross Movement’s album, “House of Representatives.”

His passing took many in the world by surprise.

Death is something none of us can escape, no matter how healthy or cautious we are.

Will you go to heaven when you die?

Did you know it’s possible to know the answer to that question?

Did you know it’s possible to have a personal relationship with the God of the universe? No?  Learn more.


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