Repost: A New Perspective For Moms

Repost:  A New Perspective For Moms | June's Journal image 1

[color-box]Editor’s Note:   This video reminded me of the Dove video.  If you’ve not seen that one, click here.  And if you’re a mom, definitely check out the video below.  As a mom, it was a real blessing to me!  I pray it blesses you, too.  [/color-box]

motherperspectiveThere’s a lot of pressure being a parent. We want to raise our children the right way, but there is no definitive handbook for every difficult situation and we’re bound to make mistakes along the way. For most of us, we’re our own biggest critic. But what do the people who matter most think? How do our children see us? For Mother’s Day this year, we did an experiment asking moms to describe themselves, and then compared that with what their own kids said about them. It’s amazing what you can see when you look from a different perspective.You can watch the original video from Elevation Church here.